Abbeyfield Aged Care Facility


Visiting children
"Being tenants of Abbeyfield’s units, we find that it’s like a small community; everyone is so friendly and we all help each other out when needed. It’s very comfortable here; there are mostly retired people living in the units and its so quiet sometimes, you would think no-one was around. We would recommend anyone to live here and enjoy the surroundings, and what better security do you need than having your neighbours watch your unit when you go away for a period of time?

Local bird life

We enjoy all the birdlife that are actually living on the grounds of Abbeyfield. The staff and volunteers from Abbeyfield House are the best there is and will help in any way they can. Ruth Roberts is the Director of Care and has done a wonderful job in having Abbeyfield run as smoothly as it does".

- Wayne & Teresa Bryant

"A welcoming smile is the first impression once entering this positive, happy place. The friendliness and love from staff for the residents is obvious".

- Relative of an Abbeyfield House Resident

Tea party

"When I had my stroke, I was unable to stay in my own home. I didn’t want to leave Williamstown where I had lived all my married life. Abbeyfield is good; everyone helps and cares for me- not only staff and volunteers, but other residents as well. We are all one family".

- Resident of Abbeyfield House

Resident garden

"I have been involved with Abbeyfield on and off since the suggestion was first made to build a supportive family-type home for the older people of Williamstown and surrounding area. It has, over the years, changed, expanded, met challenges and always kept to its original ideal of providing a warm, hospitable and friendly atmosphere, while encouraging residents to maintain family ties and independence. I now have a relative living in Abbeyfield".

- Relative of an Abbeyfield House Resident